Who we are?

Elim Community Services (ECS) is the community touch-point of Elim Church Assembly of God, that seeks to inspire care and love amongst residents in St George’s estate.

We are emboldened by the Vision of Caring for the community, giving hope and purpose for their being. Our ultimate Mission is To love the community with no strings attached.

What we value?

We are defined by our values to Create Community Bonding through:

• Social Interactions
• Community Participation
• Neighbourhood Engagements

Just like a Clam, as it comes together, precious gems are found in its midst. Elim Community Services plods on with its volunteers to fulfil its core value ELIM.

A Heart of Compassion to understand the needs and strengths of the community
A Heart of Love to embrace the community regardless of race or religion
A Heart of Affinity to bond friendship of community together
A Heart of Mirth to enjoy the laughter and joy of the community

How we work?

Our commitment to our causes is founded on these principles:

Enable care and love amongst residents through social networks to build resilience within the community.

Use social networks to encourage a culture of ownership amongst members of the community such as facilitating the formation of support groups and volunteerism among the residents to encourage care and love within the community.

Establish programmes and services or cooperate with relevant public agencies or private enterprises to co-create programmes and services to engage specific groups of residents.

Foster interconnectedness and catalyse social interactions amongst the elderly community through companionship, appropriate facilities and planned social and recreational activities.

Cooperate with other charities, welfare organisations, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities to advance any of the above objects or similar charitable purposes and to exchange information and advice with them.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you at info@elim.org.sg