Join us for some activities over ZOOM during the School Holidays.
FREE! for residents in St George’s Estate.
Materials will be delivered to your house before the event.

* You will be charged $10 per material pack if it is delivered and you did not attend the zoom sessions.
* You will be eligible to win prizes when you attend both sessions.

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Lim Kopi

St George’s residents come together to enjoy each other’s company while you learn a new handicraft, healthy cooking lessons, simple exercises, and the favourite of all activities – singing karaoke to your heart’s desire.

For enquiries, Whatsapp @ +65 9051 0215

Live in Bliss

Founded on the principles of good nutrition, together with physical exercises in a social group setting, Share-A-Broth, Live in Bliss promotes a sense of belonging in the community as residents of all ages could come for a hearty bowl of soup, and engage in their preferred physical activity of different intensity, before they linger on to chit-chat and enjoy the soup. This creates a local community that gives and receives.  

Exercises stimulate a prolonged increase in muscle strength for as long as 24 hours after. As residents come together to  chit-chat and engage in leisure activities, we begin to promote mental wellness and improve our quality of life ! 

Charis Montessori

We take the development of your child a priority, so we adopted the practices and teachings from the best pedagogy in Early Childhood education. We strive to create a nurturing environment, with the support of our partnering churches, to develop your child holistically. To ensure a smoother transition to primary school for your child, we took into consideration the Singapore primary education syllabus and incorporated it into our curriculum.

Festive Celebrations

During festive occasions, we share token festive goodies with St George’s residents with ethnic ties e.g. Moon-Cakes, Chinese New Year Ang Pow Packets, Hari Raya, Deepavali etc. 


We provide free tuition to needy families, so that no child is deprived of learning because of economic reasons.

For enquiries, Whatsapp @  +65 9051 0215

Social Enterprise Support

We provide links to different social enterprises in support of single parents and home-based industries


Watch out for details (to be provided when workshops start, with registration)

Healthy Cooking

Come and watch weekly healthy cooking lessons for everyone