Meet your Neighbour

On Thursday mornings every month, Aunty Eng, who is in her 80s, was most memorable despite having to walk with the support of a shopping trolley. Aunty Eng would faithfully walk from her block 11 in St George’s East Garden, along the paved lanes of St Francis’ Road, then turning right into St Michael’s Road and Serangoon Road before she reaches Elim Church to be with her friends, who have become an integral part of her social network.

Aunty Eng shares that the long walk is worth it as the program has helped her make new friends and she looks forward to the activities. Aunty Eng says, “coming to meet with her new found friends gave her a new purpose in life”, as she found opportunities to care for other seniors, even in simple acts like talking about their daily routines, calling up friends whom she notices did not turn up for that month and bonding over a bowl of hot soup.